About Black Moon Dairy Farm

         Introduction Dairying is an important source of subsidiary income to small/marginal farmers and agricultural laborers. In addition to milk, the manure from animals provides a good source of organic matter for improving soil fertility and crop yields. The goober gas from the dung is used as fuel for domestic purposes as also for running engines for drawing water from well. The surplus fodder and agricultural byproducts are gainfully utilized for feeding the animals. Almost all draught power for farm operations and transportation is supplied by bullocks. Since agriculture is mostly seasonal, there is a possibility of finding employment throughout the year for many persons through dairy farming. Thus, dairy also provides employment throughout the year. The main beneficiaries of dairy programmers are small/marginal farmers and landless laborers.

        Scope for Dairy Farming and its National Importance India is endowed with the largest livestock population in the world. It accounts for about 57.3 percent of the world’s buffalo population and 14.7 percent of the cattle population. The value of the output of milk is Rs. 3, 05,484core in 2011-12. The total milk production in the country is 127.9 million tons per annum at the end of the Eleventh Plan (2011-12) and the demand is expected to be 180 million tons by 2020. To achieve this demand annual growth rate in milk production has to be increased from the present 2.5 % to 5%. The Annual growth rate for production of milk is about 5% in 2011-12. Thus, there is a tremendous scope/potential for increasing the milk production through profitable dairy farming.